Siloye – A second school that cares for you

We are the second school because we believe that your first school is your home.

The brain of the child is so blank that what he sees is what he understands and does. So, parents have sole responsibility for the formation of a child’s character. The first thing that a child should learn is good habits, without which he may not be liked by anyone in society. Second is his culture and tradition, which is a must and the third and most important thing is the value of life. In today’s context, teenagers are misusing the precious life that they have been blessed with.

We at Siloye share a dream, a dream of every student having access to quality education through online learning.

We will move toward the realisation of that dream by helping people to better themselves through individualised education.

Acting as a responsible global citizen, Siloye will contribute to the growth and happiness of each individual by putting into practice our Mission, Vision, and Values.


By discovering the potential of each individual and developing his or her ability to the maximum, we aim to foster sound, capable people and thus contribute to the global community.


We wish that all people in all countries and regions in the world will have the opportunity to learn with Siloye, and that each individual in the world will be enthusiastically self-learning and making efforts toward realising his or her dreams and goals.

Values – What We, Associates, Care About

What we care about most is each individual child.

All Siloye learning must be, without exception, a useful learning experience for the child’s growth and future.

We must provide an opportunity to learn with Siloye to as many children as possible.

These two things we always hold firmly in our hearts as we approach our work ─ they are the sole reason for Siloye’s existence and development, and are also our responsibilities for the children.

If, along the way, we waver or there is dissent, we will always stop to ask ourselves, “Will this really benefit the children?” and thus we will find our way once again.

With this in mind, we will do everything in our power to make this educational method even more valuable and to allow as many children as possible to learn with Siloye.

What we next cherish are the people who work toward achieving our common goal.

We have the highest respect for Siloye Instructors as well as all other people who care about children and who wish to contribute to society through education with us.

With heartfelt appreciation and affinity, we strive to give our fullest support and to work in unity with all of these people.

We also greatly value all of our associates.

We must do our best to create and maintain the kind of workplace culture and environment where all associates can energetically approach their work with a sense of mission and challenge and can better themselves every day while a decent livelihood is ensured and adequate compensation is offered to all.

Lastly, we take to heart the following three things and will remain true to them in any situation.

  1. We affirm to be upright citizens by always asking ourselves if our words and deeds are fair and just.
  2. We will strive to be people who can feel joy and a sense of wonder while maintaining our conviction and pride as educators.
  3. We will cultivate a sense of modesty and humility so that we can always grow with each passing day.